Friday, October 28, 2016

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Best Nursing care for Dying patient

Nursing care is the one of the most important element of Hospice care. It won’t be wrong to say that nurses are the face of Hospice Care. Communicating with family, Hospice management, Doctor, Social Worker and providing direct care to the patient are all nursing roles. An ideal Hospice nurse is not limited to the Care Plan, she must think critically for family issues related to the hospice patients, patient needs, changes in patient conditions and everything which can make end of life care excellent.
Nurse can play important role when patient is passing through the various stages of Death educating patient and family members and engaging them in meaningful thoughts can make this time less severe. Infect helping family members and patients has direct effect on quality of care and indirectly it is an excellent tool for personal marketing. These family members who had good experience for nursing which is beyond the plan of care will spread word of mouth in community about the quality of care.

Role of Nursing care in addressing Psychological needs of Dying patient

Providing relief from Loneliness, fear and depression is the important value which nurse can add to improve the quality of Hospice care. In the same way, spiritual needs, creating feeling of security, self-esteem, dignity and hope are all attributes of quality hospice care.

Role of Nursing in management of symptoms of Dying patient

Reducing the severity of symptoms to make dying experience less painful is another attribute of quality hospice care. Common symptom and related issues   management includes but not limited to Respiratory symptoms, eating, drinking, Urine passing, Stool passing, immobility, Sleep, cleaning and grooming. Imagine when relative see dying love one in peace with a clean body and dress will experience less pain contrast to the scenario when patient looks full of pain and body and dress are not clean.

Role of Nursing after Death

 After Breaking bad news is announced, documentation for regulatory and record purpose, keeping body look clean, Organ donation related formalities, helping family members in getting funeral services and providing family an opportunity to have time with dead body for rituals or emotional satisfaction.
Observing Ameriprime  Hospice nursing care I have no doubt that is the best hospice in the Dallas.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ameriprime Hospice LLC Dallas/ Fort Worth

 Why Choose AmeriPrime Hospice Dallas?

At Ameriprime Hospice, we endeavor to make our patients and family members receive excellent service through compassionate care with dignity and respect. Our team of professionals, including the Interdisciplinary Team understands the importance of delivering the most efficient service and highest quality medical care for our patients, as well as spiritual and psychosocial support for our patients, caregivers and their family members.
We design our services to be relevant in response to the holistic needs of our patients, caregivers and families while respecting individual choices, values and beliefs. We pride ourselves in upholding our commitment to the members of the community we serve by continuously being responsive to multicultural and changing needs of the society. We believe that hospice is about life, not about death and we are committed to you and your family during this difficult time.
It is for these reasons we believe we are the best Hospice in the Dallas area, we service the entire DFW area including Dallas, Plano, Richardson and Fort Worth. For those patients with Medicare or Medicaid we offer FREE services. To learn more about AmeriPrime Hospice, give us a call today at 1-800-899-9790.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hospice care Dallas


Formally speaking, hospice care is that which can be provided to patients with a life expectancy of six months or less. Rather than seeking a cure, hospice care aims to make their remaining time with us as comfortable and as meaningful as possible. This may mean pain relief and nursing care, but also includes emotional support and help with everyday tasks.
Under this broader way of thinking about end of life care, the needs of family, friends, and caregivers are also taken into account. Center for Hospice Care recognizes that loved ones are also on a difficult journey and may benefit from support, expert advice, and services that we can provide.
Inpatient, outpatient, and respite care
When most people think of hospice care, they think of an inpatient facility or hospital. Hospice can provide inpatient care for those in nursing or other facilities but we can also help those who wish to remain in their own homes. Many people want to stay in a familiar environment and remain as close as possible to loved ones. We believe hospice care should be available where the patient lives, no matter where that is.
Understandably, providing care to a terminally ill person can be emotionally difficult and physically stressful. Hospice services can include respite care, where we offer caregivers a short break to rest and recharge.
Hospice services after a patient has died
For those left behind, Center for Hospice Care continues to provide assistance. We offer a range of bereavement support services for adults and children.